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sunnuntai 19. syyskuuta 2010

Autumn 2010

sorry for the late update.. i was going to write more while still in Redding but didn't really have the time or energy to do that, so here we are now.. many many days later and in Finland.

I have been back here for a week and some days. it feels good although I had my doubts some times while walking the streets of Kuusankoski and wondering what my life here is all about. But lucky for me I love Fall and the colours on the trees and leaves and I think that is my way of surviving here..

At school I have been for a week and A LOT of things happened. I decided my major and applied for that. I decided my subject for my thesis and applied for that. That's a thing I wasn't planning to happen that fast but it just happened. So now this fall I have to write the plan for it, of how things will go and what happens and then next summer I can start doing my thesis. Exciting.
I also got to meet some people and figure things out, didn't go as I planned so I need to go meet this person again tomorrow and talk things straight, because I don't think the corner of a street is the best place for doing that at all.

I am starting to recover from the time difference and jet lag and that, waking up really early which is good but sometimes too early just is too early.

I need to figure out how to pay my visa bill and it has come even bigger because I didn't really have money to buy food after paying the bills that were waiting for me here at home. But I know somehow things will work out and I dont have to live from debt. Just have to use some of my student loan money for that and just wait for my tax returns..

Now life feels pretty good and this fall will be busy I think. Trying to be involved in a lot of things. That's good but hoping that I will know how to manage my time well. :) Everything is a learning process.

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